I am looking forward to working with you to teach you the ways our government works and the duties and responsibilities of being an American citizen. Please see the entries for the few items that are required to be successful. Please encourage your child to let me know about any supplies they may need.

$5 Workbook

There is no fee for the Fasttrack workbook.The copy fee was paid and the workbooks will be printed in sections and kept in the 1 inch binder.

Needed Materials

1 inch binder  (no bigger)

200 lined loose notecards (index cards)

2 paper folders with pockets and clips

composititon book

colors and pencil everyday




Grading Policy

Students often are given a menu of activities to complete and they may choose which order they complete the assignments. There will be spaces in the gradebook to enter their scores as they complete the activities. A blank space where a grade will be does not necessarily mean they are behind. It might mean they are completing work from a menu and have not gotten to that assignment yet. All assignments from a menu are given due dates. A zero (0) in a space means they did not do the assignment.


If you have any extra lined notebook paper please send it in…students need it!!!!! We need colored pencils, school scissors, glue sticks and all students need a composition book and notecards.

make-up work

Students need to get make up work from absences completed within the 2 day time frame as set in the Code of Conduct. It is imperative that all work be completed in a timely manner. Excessive amounts of uncompleted work may need to be made up in after school sessions.